A Letter

Dear Mum and Dad,

You have given me so much support over the past few years. This degree has really challenged me and pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I have learned so much, and am a better person for it. That said, I think I’ve been continuing for a lot of the wrong reasons. I’ve kept going because I’m scared to say that I made the wrong decision, and I am scared to disappoint you. I know that you only want the best for me and that you worry that I’ll make the same mistakes that you did, but I’m not you. I may have elements of both of you imbedded in me, but I am still my own person. As my own person, I can honestly say that I won’t regret making this decision. I know I’ve done so much work for it, but it hasn’t gone to waste. This degree won’t be a waste. I will find something that I love to do, and when that happens I’ll want to push through barriers. Right now, I’ve reached a barrier that I don’t want to push through, and I’m happy to turn around. I am scared that I don’t have a plan, and I know you’ll be disappointed no matter what you say. I just hope that you’ll stay there to support me, because I’m going to need you. It’s okay to let me make mistakes. You may regret the mistakes that you’ve made, but if you hadn’t made them you wouldn’t be the brilliant people and parents that you are today. Let me make mistakes to learn from.

Your Daughter,